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Mother-of-pearl Xbox 360: For VVIPs only

A gift from Bill Gates to the president of South Korea.

Register Hardware

We have the regular whitish Xbox 360 gaming console and the souped-up black Elite. But if you're an important associate of Bill Gates, there's also the limited-edition "mother-of-pearl" flavor as pictured here. A special gift from Gates to the president of South Korea, it features a special oriental motif that supposedly symbolizes patience and perseverance, according to Register Hardware.

The exquisite handy work of Korean artist Kim Young-Jun, 100 of these "VVIP" consoles are purported to have been commissioned by Microsoft. If you have any information on the rest of these swanky consoles' lucky recipients, do give us a heads-up. We would love to run a photo gallery.

(Source: Crave Asia)