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"Mother" is back with an open API

Sense's odd-looking, but functional home automation hub has just announced that it's letting developers in on the fun.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Sense's Mother home automation hub connects to your router and pairs with motion-and-temperature-sensing gizmos called "Cookies." You can stick a Cookie under your bed to track your sleep, another one to a door or window to get alerts whenever it opens, a third one in your pocket to count your steps and a whole lot more.

But now, Sense is taking this flexible system even further; in February, it's opening its API to developers and anyone else who wants find more uses for this quirky smart home product. And all of it will be made widely available so other Mother owners can benefit from the updates, too.

Tack on Sense's upcoming open platform and IFTTT channel and there's no telling what Mother can do. Yep, that sounded kind of ominous -- those glowing, lifeless eyes compounded by that odd Mother branding -- but the potential for third-party integrations makes this versatile product even more customizable.

Megan Wollerton/CNET

According to Sense, you'll be able to create rules that link Mother's presence-sensing abilities with the Nest thermostat, its sleep-quality-detecting abilities with the lighting in your bedroom and beyond. Pretty nifty.

Check back for updates on the Mother front and make sure not to miss the rest of our CES 2015 coverage.