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Most-googled ailments reveal why America's calling in sick

A new study showing which US cities search for which health conditions most makes us feel sorry for Columbus. Does your city make the list?

Pittsburgh, we're sorry about your migraines. Sympathy to you, Washington, D.C., we all know the agony of the common cold. And Nashville, uh, you might want to take some medicine for that.

Researchers at Sunbelt Staffing, a health care recruitment company, recently examined data revealing which health conditions were most-searched on Google by computer users in different US cities and states. The results, while interesting, may not be all that surprising.

Americans search for medical conditions like depression, eczema and anxiety up to 10 times a minute on Google, the study shows. Depression leads the pack, with 450,000 average monthly searches. And the same city tops the list not only for searches on depression and its frequent companion, stress -- Columbus, Ohio.

Try some lozenges, Detroit.

Sunbelt Staffing

The study offers no guesses as to why Columbus is both stressed and depressed, but it ventures a guess for other city-ailment pairings. Detroiters search for sore throats more than anyone, with Seattle and Portland not far behind. "With both areas having wetter climates than their southern cousins, colds often spread more easily," researchers note.

Washington, D.C. searches most for common colds and Nashville for ulcers. Poor Pittsburgh would just like the Eastern Seaboard to turn out the lights and hand it a cool washcloth so it can deal with its migraines.

Detroit also tops the list for stomach-pain searches, making it onto a map of digestive-ailment searches that includes irritable bowel syndrome (Columbus... again) and diarrhea (someone pass Nashville the Charmin).

"Nashville features heavily in all three lists, topping the list for diarrhea, but also in the top 4 for both IBS and stomach pain," researchers write. "While fast food can't be blamed directly for these searches, Tennessee does have the sixth highest concentration of fast-food restaurants in the country."

You can read the entire list online at Sunbelt Staffing's blog.