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Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots hands-on video

Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots bring Moshlings into the real world. Weird but oddly endearing, check out our hands-on video.

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Moshi Monsters are no longer confined to your computer. The kids' online game phenomenon is wriggling its way on to your living room floor in the shape of Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters Moshlings -- tiny plastic versions of your favourite Moshlings that vibrate their way around brightly coloured environments.

We've been introduced to the Bobble Bot crowd at the Toy Fair in London, so hit play on the video above to observe these oddities in action.

Bobble Bots come courtesy of Innovation First, the company behind jittering collectible Hexbugs. Basically the same toy as the Hexbug Nano, the Bobble Bots Moshlings don't have wheels, but pack a tiny vibrating motor of the kind you'd find in a mobile phone.

This causes them to jitter around frantically, bumping into stuff and bumbling around in a manner that's both hypnotic, and quite annoying.

As with any toy range worth its salt, there's a tonne of collectible stuff to buy here. The range includes individual Moshlings, which sell for £4.99 each, and also features Moshlings that come with a square patch of terrain, as well as bigger houses that will set you back a penny under thirty quid.

The bad news is that once the batteries conk out, you'll need to buy special batteries to keep the Moshlings moving. On the plus side, the various sets come with codes to unlock goodies in the online game.

If you're into Moshi Monsters or have kids who love it, then the high-pitched buzzing of a randomly wandering Moshling is a sound that lies in your future. These sets will be on sale in the UK this spring.

Having been introduced at the Toy Fair, we've grown rather fond of DJ Quack -- a fearsomely fresh fowl who sports a rad pair of shades. But do you have a favourite Moshling? And what do you think about Moshi Monsters? Tell us in the comments or on our adorable Facebook wall.