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Morpher folding bike helmet packs down flat

Bike helmets could become a lot more convenient with the packable folding Morpher helmet on Indiegogo.

Morpher folding bike helmet
It's quite a bit flatter than your average helmet. Morpher

Bicycle helmets can help keep your precious and vulnerable head intact in case of an accident, so why do so many people shun the safety devices? Some folks just don't want to carry a helmet around or risk locking it up with their bike. The Morpher bicycle helmet hopes to make the noggin-toppers much more portable.

Morpher is raising cash via a flexible funding campaign on Indiegogo to put its unusual helmet design into production. The basic idea is that the helmet squashes down into a flat shape to tuck away into your briefcase, backpack, or just under your arm. Pop it back into shape, strap it to your head, and go biking.

The Morpher has already been prototyped. Some of the funding is scheduled to go toward the extensive testing needed for the helmet to pass safety standards tests around the world. Early-bird prices start at $59, with the regular price coming in at $79.

Inventor Jeff Woolf came up with the idea for the helmet based on surviving a vicious wreck thanks to the helmet he was wearing, and the number of other cyclists he saw who didn't wear helmets. He commissioned a survey of cyclists who use rent-a-bikes and found the vast majority just didn't want to haul a helmet around.

The Morpher doesn't shrink down to nothing, but the flat-pack style does look a lot more convenient than a regular helmet. Plus, the design looks pretty sharp in an urban-cyclist kind of way when it's popped out to its full size.

Morpher folding bike helmet prototype
The prototype Morpher folding helmet looks pretty sporty. Morpher