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More Zune 2.0 info, including how to edit song data

In trying to hide complexity from Zune 2.0 users, Microsoft might have gone too far. It's possible to edit song metadata from within the software, but it's not easy to figure out how.

A correction to my Zune first impressions post: it is possible to arrange songs by genre in the new Zune software. The key is to switch out of the default browse view, and into list view, which you do by clicking "list" at the upper-right hand side of the music window. Once you've done that, you can add columns by right-clicking on any column header and selecting your only choice, "choose columns." So, if you want to add a genre column, just check the genre box. Then, once that column exists, you can arrange your songs simply by clicking the column header. (See the screenshot with this post.)

List view in Zune 2.1 software
Use the list view to see and edit detailed song information. Screenshot

The list view is also critical if you want to edit song data. There are some intensely critical threads in the online Zune Forums about this issue--from within the default browse view, you can't edit anything except song title, album, or artist, which led some users to believe it's impossible to edit anything else. Not true, although it's not easy. In list view, add the columns for the categories you want to edit. Then, right click on the specific attribute you want to edit, select edit, and the text turns colorful, at which point you can start overtyping.

In striving to hide complexity from the user, Microsoft might have gone too far--if you can't discover a feature, does it exist?

Separately, I've now had a chance to buy a song from the Zune Marketplace (which you no longer need to sign into just to see--major improvement!), establish wireless sync with my home network, and sync that song to my Zune. I have a secure home network, but I entered my WEP password once into the PC software, and now I'll never have to enter it again. Overall, easy to use and so far no errors or deal-breaking problems.

Finally, I've joined Zune Social. Drop me a line if you like.