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More World Car Award winners

Audi RS4, Audi TT and the Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec

While Audi lost the World Car of the Year award to the self-parking Lexus, there are other areas in which the German company made its mark this year.

Audi TT Candace Lombardi/CNET Networks

Audi took the 2007 World Car Design of the Year Award for the Audi TT and the 2007 World Car Performance Award for the Audi RS4.

Audi RS4 Candace Lombardi/CNET Networks

"There is a segment of the public for whom performance overrides all else, said Dan Carney, director of the award committee and an automotive journalist for Edmunds Inside Line, MSNBC and other publications.

Mercedes-Benz took the 2007 World Green Car Award for its E320 Bluetec. While this may look like a dunce cap of sorts, it is actually one of the honors bestowed upon the winning car.

Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec Candace Lombardi/CNET Networks