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More Thunderbird changes: Core coders depart

Just as the Mozilla Foundation's new Thunderbird subsidiary starts trying to hire new programmers, two longtime coders depart.

Shortly after the Mozilla Foundation announced a subsidiary to focus more attention on the Thunderbird e-mail software, two of its main developers are leaving Mozilla for other pastures.

Scott McGregor and David Bienvenu each announced their departures on blog postings last week. And David Ascher, chief executive of the Thunderbird company, confirmed the move Saturday on his own blog.

"Both Scott McGregor and David Bienvenu have posted that they are leaving Mozilla Corp. My understanding from chats with them weeks that they have decided to start a new venture," Ascher said. "They've worked on Thunderbird and its predecessors within Mozilla and Netscape for a long time, and I can certainly understand their desire to do something different."

McGregor and Bienvenu both said they were leaving Mozilla on October 12, but added that they planned to continue work on Thunderbird, an open-source program for checking, writing and storing e-mail.

Ascher added that the Thunderbird company, called MailCo for the time being, is trying to hire new staff and that all Mozilla programmers already involved full time were offered positions.

(Via Slashdot)