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More than a few bad apples

In response to the Oct. 16 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Scapegoats on trial":

The misdeeds of the information technology go-go days as well as the seemingly ongoing perpetuation of fraud and deceit throughout America's corporations, institutions and government, point to a moral and ethical quandary at the core of the United States.

We are no longer dealing with a few bad apples. We are dealing with a disease-ridden national barrel that has institutionalized greed and deceit.

Since the early days of this country, Americans have counted on a governmental and economic system of checks and balances to maintain stability. We can no longer presume that the system will do so. We owe it to our children and our survival as a great nation to take a hard look in the nearest mirror and to honestly critique the image that is peering back.

Dennis Jugan
Johnstown, Pa.