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More T-Mobile Samsungs

More T-Mobile Samsungs

There's more T-Mobile news besides the aforementioned launch of the Samsung SGH-T519. The carrier said yerterday that in addition to keeping the Samsung SGH-T509 in its lineup, it's also introducing a new version of the phone in a plum color. Though the features will be the same, the T509's new color scheme, which looks almost black at first glance, is quite striking. According to T-Mobile, plum will be all the rage in cell phone color next year. If that's true, perhaps I need to rethink my earlier champagne cell phone prediction. Also, the carrier said phones like the T509 did much to make candy bar models popular again.

T-Mobile also confirmed that the Samsung SGH-T619 flip phone and the Samsung SGH-T629 slider handset would launch by the end of the month. Yet more slim phones, both handsets are styled after previous T-Mobile Samsungs. The T619 is an update to the SGH-T609 and offers Bluetooth, a megapixel camera, and an MP3 player. Meanwhile the T629 is similar to the Samsung SGH-T809, except that it comes in silver instead of black. T-Mobile said consumer interest in the slider form factor is very strong.

Finally, in October we'll see the Nokia 6133 arrive at T-Mobile. The 6133 is almost identical to the Nokia 6126, except that it's hearing aid compliant. Since we're still waiting to confirm rumors that the 6126 is coming to Cingular, we're glad to see T-Mobile step up to the plate and pick up this cool handset. Apparently the handset's soft-touch outer covering is testing well with consumers.