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More T-Mobile G2 details revealed

Slowly but surely, T-Mobile is spilling the beans on its first HSPA+ smartphone. Find out the latest details about the T-Mobile G2 here.


Earlier this week, we got our first official glimpse at the T-Mobile G2 and now we've got even more information about T-Mobile's first HSPA+ smartphone.

The carrier posted additional specs on its T-Mobile Scoop Web site that indicates the smartphone will ship running Android 2.2 with Adobe Flash Player 10.1, and it looks like you'll get the stock Android skin, even though the device is made by HTC. The handset will also offer a set of one-touch quick keys for easy access to Google shortcuts and apps.

However, contrary to early reports, the G2 will actually be powered by an 800MHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor instead of a 1GHz processor.

T-Mobile has yet to release details about pricing and availability date, though the latest rumor is that the G2 will go for $199.99 with a contract ($499.99 off contract).