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We dredged the series of tubes for you!


We dredged the series of tubes for you: here's today's roundup of link love.

--FUN & GAMES: Windows Blue Screen Error Generator (The Generator Blog via Eyebeam reBlog)

--MUSIC: "Studio 60" Christmas song free for download (CNET

--DESIGN: Moonwalker Digital Dance Shoes (Gizmodo)

--WEB 2.0: Chop, slice, and 'deep-tag' your YouTube faves with Gotuit's SceneMaker (Webware)

--WEB 2.0: Diggbait: Top 10 Tech Words of 2006 (Valleywag)

--GAMING: NES Wii Skin (Uncrate)

--MUSIC: Wi-Fi radio gathering steam (Listening Post)

--GAMING: Left-Handers (Might) Make Better Gamers (Kotaku)

--TV: Dutch TV goes digital (CNET