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More problems reported with Apple's MobileMe Mail

The MobileMe service has gotten off to a rocky start, and now some customers are reporting great difficulty in accessing their e-mail.

More MobileMe problems were reported over the weekend, this time with e-mail. Apple

Apple continued to have problems with its new MobileMe service over the weekend and into Monday, with several users unable to access their e-mail.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a summary of complaints from its readers up on its site, and I've been hearing from some CNET readers as well about problems accessing e-mail accounts that were once known as .Mac, and now fall into the MobileMe service. Apple's discussion boards are filled with angry MobileMe customers who haven't been able to access their e-mail all weekend.

Apple's MobileMe status page has a note up at the moment that says "1% of MobileMe members cannot access MobileMe Mail. We apologize for any inconvenience." It's just the latest in a series of problems that has plagued the launch of MobileMe, a $99-a-year service that lets you access contacts, calendars, and other files from one computer on other Macs or PCs, as well as your iPhone.

Apple provided 30 free days of service as a result of the launch issues that also waylaid Apple's iTunes servers and disrupted the iPhone 3G launch. The company reports its third-quarter earnings later Monday, and it will be interesting to see if analysts push Apple on the problems it seems to have having with its Web infrastructure. An Apple representative did not immediately return an e-mail seeking comment on what might be causing the problems.