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More Palm Pre launch rumors

An internal memo from Palm highlights a launch launch for the Palm Pre on June 5, fueling the rumors that the smartphone will debut on June 7.

Boy Genius Report

Ugh. Another day, another Palm Pre rumor.

The latest one comes from the Boy Genius Report and adds more fuel to the fire that the Pre will launch on or around June 7. An "anonymous tipster" sent BGR an internal Palm memo that outlines a schedule of events around the Pre for employees starting on June 3 and ending with a "LAUNCH LUNCH!" on June 5 at noon.

As Engadget Mobile points out, there could be several scenarios to come out of this: 1) It could all be prep for a June 7 release, which would keep with Sprint's habit of launching new products on Sundays; 2) Sprint could break its own tradition and release it on Friday, June 5 (better for weekend sales, right?); or 3) It's all a bunch of crock. As Engadget Mobile astutely points out, the "Employee Benfits" typo is a bit of a red flag.

Frankly, I don't know what to believe anymore. There's some sound evidence that June 7 could be the day, though I think it's an incredibly bad idea for Sprint and Palm to launch the smartphone one day before the start of WWDC 2009. You'd think they'd want more of a head start. More than anything, I'm sick of the unknown. Trying to plan coverage for a product that might come out anytime between now and June 30 is giving me anxiety. As CNET reader Lupe Cope cleverly put it, once this is all over and done, I'm going to have to check myself into "Prehab."