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More options for DIY dress shirts

I try another custom-shirt Web site and once again look pimpalicious.

The interface on Blank Label's site (click to enlarge). Screenshot by Jeff Sparkman/CNET

Options abound for those of us too lazy to go to the store who like to take a more active role in what we wear. I wrote about ShirtsMyWay awhile back, and recently, the folks at Blank Label asked me to give their site a look-see as well.

The process is much like that of ShirtsMyWay, where you design your own shirt by picking out fabric, styles, details--the whole nine yards. And while both sites look nice, Blank Label gives off a more youthful, edgy vibe; this is neither better nor worse. In fact, I kinda dig it because depending on what kind of person you are, you have a service that caters to how you like doing things.

This is probably where you're asking, "What about the shirts?" Well, I have to say that the shirt I created through Blank Label is pretty sweet; it looks nice, is comfy, and fools people into thinking I'm remotely mature.

Now, speaking of ShirtsMyWay, it recently unveiled the 2.0 version of its Web site, which streamlines the process and adds even more options. How many more? Well, according to the site, enough options to allow for trillions of combinations. If you want to be clever, I suppose you could theoretically have an infinite number of variations, assuming you used the monogram option to stitch the digits of pi ad infinitum.

Having used the 1.0 version, this new version is noticeably slicker. Just for giggles, I went through the process again, and it was a little bit quicker; I presume goofing around with the new fabric options ate up some of that time.

And the new interface for ShirtsMyWay (click to enlarge). Screenshot by Jeff Sparkman/CNET

And having used both, I would recommend them both. Yes, I know that makes me sound a bit wishy-washy, but the experiences were similarly pleasant that if I were in the market for a dress shirt--it could happen--I'd go to either site.

ShirtsMyWay has 65 fabric choices and bases the price of the shirt on the base fabric, whereas Blank Label has 50 choices but starts with a lower price that increases depending on which customizations you select.

You know, I could get used to not having to actually leave my house to buy clothes. If you know of more sites that allow for customization (of clothes, food, lightsabers, what have you), share them in the comments. I can't cover each one, but at least they'll all be in one place for you to see them.

See, I'm a giver. It's about you, the reader.