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More on PowerBook G4 Titanium and Aluminum screen problems

More on PowerBook G4 Titanium and Aluminum screen problems

"Blue screen" after resolution switching We continue to investigate a problem where a change to the screen resolution under System preferences, or triggered automatically by an application the screen either goes blank or turns blue. Sometimes can get legible display back by putting the computer to sleep and waking it up, or in certain cases by inverting the screen color back and forth with the keyboard combination control option command 8.

In searching for a solution, some users have found that they can use the keyboard command Shift-Command-Q (logout) in order to escape the blue or blank screen. Resolution is switched back to the previous setting, but the display comes back to life in most cases.

Flickering We also are continuing to investigate a flickering problem that occurs on some PowerBook G4 Titanium and Aluminum models.

Sometimes flickering can occur when adjusting the display brightness. One reader writes "Now when I dim my brightness (i.e. on battery power, to conserve juice) my backlight flickers. It's usually when I have the brightness on the last or second last bar. Half to full brightness does not flicker the backlight."

Eliminating "dead" portions of the screen We previously reported on a problem where a portion of the screen is unresponsive to mouse clicks. Several readers have now suggested that the Exposé function "Desktop Box" (which can be activated by several third party utilities) may be the culprit:

"I remembered I used a hidden function activated by Xupport named : Desktop box, which miniaturizes the desktop in a small box in a corner, instead of sending everything near outside the screen to clear the desktop.

"I tried to deactivate this function, and magically everything returned to normal condition. [...] I would suggest everybody who has the portion-of-screen-dead-to-mouseclick problem and activated the 'desktop box' functionality of Exposé with Xupport or another utility, tries to deactivate this function.

This behavior is confirmed by the fact that a number of users experiencing this problem can only click in the "dead" area when using Exposé.

White ghosting on PowerBook G4 15" Aluminum external displays There is an all but confirmed, fairly widespread problem with PowerBook G4 15" models where if you try to attach an external VGA monitor to them (using the included monitor adaptor), you get significant white ghosting problems.

One reader writes "In house here we have this problem on ALL aluminum powerbooks that we have (they are all 15") and a multitude of monitor and monitor cable options. Plugging in older titanium powerbooks into the same video setups produces no problems whatsoever."

If you are experiencing a similar problem, please drop us a line at

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