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More on junk mail crashes

More on junk mail crashes

Users continue to submit possible solutions to an on-going issue where seemingly suddenly stops filtering junk mail, and subsequently crashes when attempting to flag messages as junk.

The problem appears to manifest when the user attempts to flag a junk message that has a blank subject and there is already mail flagged as junk in the junk mailbox.

Using an alternative spam filter John Eitner suggests using a third-party spam filter in lieu of's built-in junk catching mechanism:

"I think that the JunkMatcher freeware app MAY fix this problem. I installed it today and see no-subject no-sender mail moved into Junk and flagged as having been ID's by JM."

Delete corrupt Junk mail folder Hugo Diaz refined a step-wise process for deleting the corrupt junk mail folder, which is causing this crash in most cases:

  • Quit Mail.
  • Go to "HomeFolder>Library>Mail>" and then open the folder for your account "POP-xyz", for example (NOT the Mailboxes folder). Inside that folder you'll find that your Junk mailbox got somehow corrupted and is now a simple folder without the '.mbox' extension. Take that folder named "Junk" out of there (or trash it). Then launch Mail again.
  • Test the fix by flagging something as junk, it should go to the Junk folder as normal.
  • If you look in the Finder, you'll see that your "POP-xyz" folder now contains a "Junk.mbox" file.

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