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More on iTunes-recorded audio CD compatibility; Toast duplicates work; more

More on iTunes-recorded audio CD compatibility; Toast duplicates work; more

Continuing our coverage of compatibility issues with audio CDs recorded in iTunes we've now received reports that CDs burned in iTunes that do not work in many CD players can be redeemed by mere duplication with another recording tool, like Toast.

MacFixIt reader Reggie Barton writes "My experience is that music CDs burnt with iTunes work in every player I've put them in with the exception of my dad's ford pick up! I've also found that simply burning a duplicate with Roxio's Toast makes a playable CD for his truck... It's very odd. I have a G4 QuickSilver with a SuperDrive (Phillips). I experience this issue no matter what brand of media I'm burning on."

Certain drive models more susceptible? It seems that some drives are more prone to producing incompatible audio CDs than others.

Dennis Taylor writes "The most interesting thing is the fact that at work I have access to several Macs. I can make a CD from my Dual 1GHZ QS G4 (Pioneer drive) the CD plays in my car no problem. I also have access (my current work horse) is a Dual 2GHZ G5, this also burns audio CDs that will work in my car (again it has a Pioneer superdrive). I am beginning to wonder if the model of drive has anything to do with it. Even the older G4s that have a 'Lite-On' CD burner under the system profiler work in my car. I had contacted Apple about this and they say that I should reinstall the system to see if it fixes it. (keep in mind I have already created a new user, reinstalled the system, and already wiped the entire machine and reinstalled everything) this does not work."

Steps of precaution Meanwhile there are a number of measures users can take to increase chances of broad compatibility from iTunes-burned CDs. First, use high-quality media. Brands vary, but there seem to be more problems with generic, "store-brand" media" and less problems with media from Sony, Memorex and Maxell.

Further, several readers have had succes with setting iTunes to burn at 1x speed and not running any other applications while burning a CD.

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