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More on iTunes and NBC...

More on iTunes and NBC...

Video iPod owners have 11 more reasons to smile. NBC Universal and Apple have agreed on a deal that brings 11 shows (300 epsiodes in all) from the television network's archives to iTunes Music Store, where users can purchase an episode for $1.99 and watch it on either their computer or 5G iPod. This is following on the heels of the relative success (3 million paid video downloads) of the ABC/Apple partnership. Content is king, and suddenly iTunes' TV Shows section is looking a lot more attractive.

Shows include "Law & Order," Dragnet," Alfred Hitchcock Presents," sketches from "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and USA Networks' "The Monk." I'm personally excited about "Battlestar Galactica" myself (though sadly, it's not the original).

While there are indeed DIY methods for watching video on portable gadgets like the iPod, Creative and Archos devices, including recording video straight to the device, iTunes is definitely the most convenient and reliable source for decent legal content., with its long list of B and C- movies, remains the primary mainstay for WMV-compatible products. One thing is for certain: the video wave is just beginning and you'll probably see CBS, FOX and other networks joining in the fun.