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More on iSight interference with other FireWire devices

More on iSight interference with other FireWire devices

We previously noted problems with the iSight interfering with the operation of other FireWire devices. One of the devices most susceptible to this problem is the iPod. For some users, when the iSight is connected and capturing video, their iPod disappears from the Desktop and from the iTunes playlist, while the iPod status screen cycles from the Apple logo to a "Do not Disconnect" message over and over.

Most of these issues were resolved with the iSight 1.0.2 updater, but some continue to experience problems.

Scott Rose writes "Even after applying the iSight updater 1.0.2 to our iSight camera, we're still getting "buffer underrun" errors when trying to burn a CD when both our iSight and our external 51x LaCie FireWire CD-RW are plugged in at the same time. We get buffer underrun errors in both Toast & burning in the Finder, and the only way to prevent this is to unplug the iSight from the FireWire port. The iSight is plugged into a powered FireWire hub that goes into FireWire port #2 on the back of the machine, and the external LaCie FireWire 52x CD-RW drive is plugged directly into FireWire port #1. As soon as we unplug the iSight from the FireWire port, we can burn all the CD's we want without any buffer underrun errors."

If you are experiencing similar issues, or have had success remedying iSight intereference, please drop us a line at

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