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More on Iomega tech support - and Jaz problems

More on Iomega tech support - and Jaz problems

Regarding difficulties in accessing Iomega tech support, several readers pointed out that the Iomega web page that I linked to the other day (in the item describing the defective Jaz cartridges and tech support issues) included a phone number where Iomega can now be reached at no charge: 1-800-336-1314.

Jen Funk offered the following phone number for potential free access:
1-800-818-9728 (extension 933 if they ask for one).

Several readers pointed to as an email address you can use (though don't hold your breath waiting for a reply). On the downside, Brett Wickens claims that the Iomega AOL forum mentioned last time now has an announcement that says that Iomega will not longer provide tech support from the forum.

Update: To be fair, the move off of AOL is likely part of a general migration due to AOL's policy shifts regarding how much they charge to maintain these developer Forums (Thanks, Paul Chance of ProVUE).

And if you want to learn more about exactly what other things can cause problems for your Jaz drive, Ric Ford is tracking this at MacInTouch.