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More Nokia Lumia 610 details leak

A day before Nokia is set to announce the budget-friendly Lumia 610 at Mobile World Congress, we learn more about what the Windows Phone 7 device could offer.

Could Nokia sell as many as 37 million Windows Phone handsets this year?
Nokia's current crop of Windows Phone 7 devices. Nicole Lee/CNET

BARCELONA, Spain--In the run up to Mobile World Congress, Nokia has barely hinted as to what it would bring to the show. A Windows Phone device is an obvious guess, of course, but that leaves us to wonder just how many handsets the company will unveil and whether it will stop at Microsoft's OS.

On Thursday, we learned a bit more when Reuters reported that Nokia would use Barcelona to show a budget-friendly Windows Phone 7 handset called the Lumia 610 and a global version of the Lumia 900, which Nokia announced last month at CES. Reuters didn't offer solid details on either phone (although it's safe to say the new Lumia 900 should be pretty familiar), but Boy Genius India today managed to dig up a few specs on the 610.

According to a source to the gadget blog the Lumia 610 will feature a 3.2-inch display, a 3-mepapixel camera and will run Windows Phone Tango edition. The handset should have 256MB RAM and fetch a price tag of around $230.

We'll know more tomorrow when Nokia holds its press conference on the first day of the show. Also look for a new Symbian-based camera phone that Nokia teased last week.