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More liberal fear-mongering about global warming?

OK, so you don't believe there's a link between global warming and the uptick in heat waves? Now there's new evidence you can ignore at your own risk.

If you believe global warming is a great left-wing conspiracy, don't read any further.

Folks who vacation on the other side of the pond may have noticed that summer seems just a bit hotter than years ago. It's not their imagination.

That hotbed of liberal propaganda, the American Geophysical Union, reports that the length of heat waves in Europe has doubled over the last century. What's more, the AGU found that the frequency of extremely hot days over that period nearly tripled.

Data compiled by a team of researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland include this stunning tidbit: previous assessments of daily summer temperature change underestimated heat wave events in western Europe by about 30 percent!

How did that occur?

Turns out that thermometers often were not kept in modern instrument shelters called Stevenson screens, which are now used to shield the sensors against outside influences.

The study finds a link between recent heat waves and longer-term shifts, beginning in the 1950s, traced to global warming.

"Due to complex reactions between the summer atmosphere and the land, the variability of summer temperatures is expected to (continue to) increase substantially by 2100," says the report's lead author.

Then again, he's one of those woolly-headed Europeans, so what does he know? Maybe more than you think. Anyway, go read the full text in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres and make up your own mind.