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More lasers for the receding hairline

The "X5 HairLaser" is the latest alternative to the comb-over.


It's been more than a year since we wrote of the "HairMax LaserComb" and, shockingly, we haven't heard of a single person walking away with a full pompadour in that time. So for those still in search of that elusive growth, it may be time to consider other options. Enter the "X5 HairLaser."

This latest miracle gadget delivers "15 distinct points of coherent laser light directly to your scalp at the optimum power and wavelength," according to Dvice, though it requires a commitment of three times a week at 10 to 15 minutes a shot. There's a commitment required of your wallet too, to the tune of $300.

It should be noted that this item was listed in an airplane catalog, so it might not work at less than 30,000 feet.