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More iPhone OS 3.0 secrets revealed: Wi-Fi 802.11n and video editing

Developers uncover new evidence of 802.11N wireless support and more video support in iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2.

Developers have had the iPhone OS 3.0 beta for nearly a month now and are continuing to uncover new features. Initially reported by TAUW and AppleInsider, a few of these features hint at Apple's next iPhone hardware revision.

Reports are that the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware beta now includes driver support for a new Broadcom Wi-Fi chip that might support high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi and improved support for 5 Ghz Wi-Fi networks--a logical step for Apple, since this feature would improve compatibility between the iPhone, current MacBooks, and Apple's newly refreshed Time Capsule and Airport Extreme Base Station.

There is also more evidence that the iPhone will soon support video features, including uploading, as was previously reported. Now it appears--according to Ben at the software may also include video-editing and -recording capabilities.

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