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More input devices from Logitech

More input devices from Logitech

Logitech's going crazy this month with input device releases. In the last week, we've seen a Webcam, two gaming mice, and a gaming keyboard. Today, the company announced four new desktop sets. The Cordless Desktop MX3000 is the most basic of the four (and looks very similar to the MX3100 set we reviewed earlier this year) and pairs a battery-powered mouse with a multimedia keyboard. The Cordless Desktop S 510 Media Remote set, which includes a keyboard, a basic mouse, and a remote, is designed to be used with media apps and Logitech's own MediaLife software. Logitech also made a minor upgrade to its DiNovo Cordless Desktop; it's taken on a new name, DiNovo Media Desktop Laser, and is now paired with the MX1000 laser mouse.

The most interesting desktop set, however, may be the Cordless Desktop MX5000 Laser. The keyboard is impressive, with an integrated LCD that you can program to display a variety of information. There are also touch-sensitive volume and zoom controls on the side, along with a variety of programmable quick keys.

I took a look at all of these sets earlier in August and was very excited to see that Logitech's adding some interesting functionality, including integrated LCD screens and touch-sensitive controls. And, in true Logitech fashion, the sets all looked comfortable and intuitive. The Cordless Desktop S 510 and the Cordless Desktop MX3000 will cost $99.99, the Cordless Desktop MX5000 will cost $149.99, and the DiNovo Media Desktop Laser will set you back $199.99.