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More indie films head to Web

The Sundance Film Festival isn't the only cinematic enterprise that's moving from big screen to computer screen. The Independent Film Channel has officially taken the wraps off its IFC Media Lab, a Web site that lets aspiring Spielbergs, Truffauts and Tarentinos post their efforts online.

Still from Layla Atkinson's
Credit: Layla Atkinson
Keeping an eye on the indies:
Layla Atkinson's "Stealth Lunch"

Site visitors can view and vote on uploaded films (which must be no longer than six minutes), and the top-ranking efforts have a shot at airing on the Independent Film Channel.

The Associated Press reports that the Media Lab, which quietly launched at the end of last year, currently boasts about 400 films. At the moment, those include everything from "Stealth Lunch," a highly polished animated effort, to "Kismet," a strikingly photographed drama that stars children who live in a Delhi, India, homeless shelter.

The site will also be expanded to include blogs and various other resources, the AP says.