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More help for sound volume adjustments

More help for sound volume adjustments

a. Volume Adjusters Previously, I mentioned a couple of utilities that might help with sound volume problems. Awhile back, reader Jim Gibbs sent me another potential solution: a collection of mini-applications that each adjust the sound volume to a specific level. By placing the appropriate one in your Startup Items or Shutdown Items folders, you should be able to achieve your desired setting, despite any inherent "bugs in the system." Click here to download these Volume Adjusters [50K].

b. MacSpeakerSwitch Julian Vrieslander modified the MuteOff utility (mentioned Wednesday) so that it functions as a toggle: the mute state of the speaker changing with each program launch. Since the application now does both muting and unmuting (essentially working as a switch), I renamed it "MacSpeakerSwitch." When placed in the Startup Items folder, it still unmutes the speaker for those Macs which would otherwise have their internal speakers muted at startup.