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More Galaxy S III rumors emerge: Home button sticking around

The latest rumors say the Galaxy S III will, in fact, maintain Samsung's traditional home button, despite Ice Cream Sandwich making it unnecessary.

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus will soon have a successor in the Galaxy S III.
Samsung's Galaxy Nexus will soon have a successor in the Galaxy S III. CNET

Samsung's Galaxy S III has yet to be revealed. But that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning out new reports on what the device might offer.

South Korea newspaper Korean Digital Daily is reporting today (Translate), citing sources, that the Galaxy S III will come with Samsung's familiar home button under the display. There has been some speculation that the device would ditch the home button, since its functionality is replicated in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the operating system believed to be coming to the handset.

The decision wasn't so easy, according to the report. Some Samsung executives thought that ditching all buttons on the device would be a good idea, while others decided that a home button would be necessary. Ultimately, according to the report, those in the physical-button camp won out.

In addition, Korean Digital Daily says that the Galaxy S III will come with the five-column icon layout featured in the Samsung Galaxy Note, rather than the four-column flavor in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The move might be a subtle attempt to differentiate the Galaxy S III from competing Android devices, as well as the iPhone, since that device comes with four columns of icons.

The sheer number of rumors that have surfaced around the Galaxy S III is somewhat shocking. In most cases, it's Apple's iPhone or iPad that gets all the rumor love. But Samsung has asserted itself as a top player in the mobile space, trading the top spot and second slot in total smartphone shipments with Apple. The company's Galaxy S II was well-received by consumers, and the Galaxy Nexus is widely viewed as a worthwhile iPhone alternative.

But through all the hype and rumors, Samsung has remained tight-lipped on its plans, deciding to take a page out of Apple's book and say nothing. The company has also declined CNET's request for comment on today's report.

Still, Samsung isn't expected to stay quiet for long: the company is expected to unveil the device at a May 22 press conference in London.

(Via Unwired View)