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More fun with a staple gun

Here's a simple do-it-yourself project for a lazy afternoon: make a drawing with a staple gun. French artiste Baptiste Debombourg shows you how.

Baptiste Debombourg

Once you've finished up your more involved DIY projects--replacing the rusted-out floor in that Volkswagen, say, or converting a Mr. Potato Head into a painstakingly crafted Mad Maxian monster--you'll no doubt need a simpler task to help you unwind.

We've got just the thing. All it requires is a staple gun, a few staples, and a little bit of wall space. Shouldn't take too much time. All you're doing, really, is drawing a picture--with staples. That's right: instead of tracing out your lines or rubbing in your shadows with a pencil, say, or maybe stippling all that in with a paintbrush, you simply whip out the staple gun and start plugging away (and you know that will help you unwind).

But perhaps you'd like an example. An illustration or two just so you're sure you've got the right idea. All right: Here's a somewhat amateurish take by a fellow named Baptiste Debombourg. True, Debombourg is a French artiste, with Ecole des Beaux-Arts credentials and a fancy CV, but don't let that put you off. After all, it sometimes takes him more than two weeks to complete our simple little task.

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Really? A drawing with a staple gun? Two weeks? You could probably knock out at least a dozen staple drawings in a day. Provided, of course, you didn't run out of staples (our bumbling friend Debombourg has been known to go through more than 450,000 for a single drawing).

Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg

(Via Laughing Squid)