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More from the Expo floor...

More from the Expo floor...

Continuing from last time, here are more items of interest (mostly utilities) spotted in my wanderings about the Expo floor...

Emblaze Creator 2.5 made an impressive demo - allowing you to have streaming audio or video on a web site without any plug-ins or server software. It works via Java. It also did a great job of compressing the multimedia files.

ProVUE's SurfScout is worthwhile alternative (or even companion) to a utility such as Web Quick for bookmarking your web sites. It does not bookmark on the fly, as Web Quick does - but it does allow you to automatically create bookmarks from every URL on a web page. You can also add notes to each bookmark and search/sort bookmarks in your database. Other utilities have traveled down a similar road, but SurfScout looked more convenient to use than its predecessors. [Note: this product is referred to as WebScout on ProVUE's web site.]

StorageWizard 2.0, from FWB, is the latest version of this utility to automatically archive, delete (or whatever else you might like) files that you have not been using on your main hard drive. A new version of HDT ToolKit was being shown; release is planned for September.

Insignia is tackling Connectix' Virtual PC head-to-head with RealPC. It is not released yet, but its flyer claims that it is twice as fast as Virtual PC when running Windows. It also works with virtual memory or RAM Doubler.

Shaman is showing the personal edition of its Shaman Update Server. I was impressed with how up-to-date and thorough its information is. If keeping track of the latest versions of the myriad of files on your drive is getting to be more than you can handle, this is definitely worth a look as a potential way to reduce the work you need to do.

I took a brief look at all of the PPC 750 processor (aka Arthur, aka G3) Macs and cards that were on display from Power Computing, Motorola, Newer and others. It all looks exciting. But I confess that it is hard for me to fully appreciate these advances in the midst of the noise and crowds of the Expo.

Meanwhile, MacOS Rumors had some interesting coverage of Rhapsody sightings at the Expo.