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More from Motorola

More from Motorola

Motorola announced several new products this week at a press event in Chicago. At the top of the list are three new Linux-based cell phones that are designed with a business user in mind. The A728, the A732, and the A910 offer a full range of multimedia and productivity features, including a megapixel camera, Bluetooth, e-mail support, a speakerphone, an MP3 player, and support for streaming media. As we show you in our Motorola Linux line show, you'll find some unique design elements as well. The A728 offers a touch screen, while the A732 slider phone has a flat keypad that doubles as a touch pad.

Moto also shed further light on its ROKR phone. Firm details are still under wraps, but the mobile promises to have an integrated MP3 player, stereo speakers, and a removable memory. Don't confuse it with the much-anticipated iTunes phone, however, as they're apparently not the same thing. Motorola CEO Ed Zander said that a separate announcement for the iTunes phone will be made before the end of September, but considering how many delays we've had with the mobile, we're not exactly holding our breath. Zander also hinted at a reddish-pink Razr V3, as well as the RazrWire sunglasses. In case you're wondering, the RazrWire sunglasses are a sleek pair of Oakleys with a small Bluetooth headset attached. The RazrWire will be available in August for $295 on the Web sites for Motorola, Oakley, and Cingular.