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More European retailers for Dell

The PC maker continues its expansion of retail outlets around the world.

More and more, the question is, "Where can't you buy a Dell?"

On Thursday, the PC maker announced that its desktops and notebooks would be available through DSG International, one of Europe's largest electronics retailers. Though specific models have yet to be decided, the agreement will include selling mainly Dell XPS and Inspiron desktops and notebooks.

Inspiron 1420

DSGi operates stores such as PC World, Currys, and online in the United Kingdom, and Electro World, PC City, and Elkjop in 11 other European nations. Approximately 1,300 brick-and-mortar retail outlets in the U.K. and Europe will now carry Dell products. All customer support will be handled by DSGi stores.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of Dell's historic agreement just a week ago to sell products through Best Buy stores in the United States. Formerly a strict direct-sales company, Dell has over the past six months cemented a retail strategy to get its products in front of consumers. The strategy is part of a turnaround plan as Dell has struggled this year to compete with the retail success of rival Hewlett-Packard.