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More DirectX 10 info comes to light

More DirectX 10 info comes to light

Yesterday ExtremeTech posted the first part of an in-depth interview with two gentlemen from Microsoft dealing with DirectX 10. If you're unfamiliar, DirectX is a Microsoft API (application programming interface) that gives hardware and software developers a common target to program for. If your graphics card and its drivers support DirectX, for example, you know it will work with all the games that are written for DirectX.

DirectX 10 will debut with Windows Vista, and the interview with ExtremeTech outlines some of its new capabilities. It's a more in-depth discussion than a lot of even casual PC enthusiasts may want to dive into, but if you do read it, you'll come away with some meaty details. It's been known that DirectX 10 won't be available for Windows XP, but we were intrigued by the explantion as to why (a new driver model aimed at preventing system crashes). Read on for the rest.