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More details on the Philips BDP9000 Blu-ray player

More details on the Philips BDP9000 Blu-ray player

The Philips BDP9000 Blu-ray player will be available for $1,000 in the third quarter of 2006, according to the company. The player had been glimpsed at January's Consumer Electronics Show, but the announcement at the company's Holidays in June event was the first official confirmation of the player's price and availability, both of which are right in line with competing models from Sony and Panasonic. Detailed specs and features weren't available, but the BDP9000 has the basics covered--1080p output via HDMI, backward-compatible with DVDs, and upgradable firmware. One notable change was the look of the player: originally shown in a somewhat exotic silver/chrome housing, Philips has opted for a more conservative black look (the lavender tinge of the accompanying photo is a result of the unusual lighting at the Philips event).

Philips BDP9000