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More Canon 5D rumors

Speculation on DPReview forums floats the idea of an April announcement for a followup to the full-frame 5D.

Canon's EOS 5D will one day be replaced by a new model with a different sensor and other new features.
Canon's EOS 5D will one day be replaced by a new model with a different sensor and other new features. CNET Networks

According to a post on Gizmodo last week, which came to them via a posting to DPReview's forums, which apparently may have originated at PhotographyBay, and has nothing to do with the fact that Ferris Bueller was seen passed out at 31 Flavors last night, Canon may be announcing a follow-up to the EOS 5D in April. I always find these rumors to be very silly, since it's really easy to come up with a wish list of what you want to see in the camera and then hide behind an anonymous source while your heart fills with glee that people like me have to republish this pablum. Plus, given the normal cycle of things, I would expect Canon to wait until August at least, which would be nearer to the Photokina trade show, which is scheduled for September 23 through September 28 this year in Cologne, Germany.

Could the latest spec wish list be true? Probably not all of it. Supposedly, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II will have 15.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, a 29-point AF system, Dual Digic III processors, sensitivity of up to ISO 25,600, a 3-inch LCD, up to 6 frames per second for continuous shooting, and the same weather sealing as the 1D series. Canon fans have been clamoring for weather sealing in the 5D for years and while it'd certainly be nice to see it in the 5D successor, I doubt it will happen. ISO 25,600 is a possibility, and not a very creative touch from the original author of this rumor given that Nikon's D3 reaches this level of stratospheric sensitivity, but I'd say it's a stretch for this future model. The rest of the features are shared with the 1D series and mostly expected, though the 29-point AF again might be a bit much for this model. It seems like a lot of hullabaloo has been made so far over this rumor, but I'd wait around for some official details before I get excited Canon fans.