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More Black Friday laptop deals: Apple MacBook Edition

Check out the best Black Friday deals on Apple's popular family of MacBook laptops.


In the days leading up to Black Friday, we've spotted a few more notable laptop sales, particularly on Apple's MacBook laptops -- which are top of many wish lists.

This is especially notable, as MacBooks (and indeed, most Apple products) are rarely offered at any discount from Apple's list price. These deals come from Apple re-sellers, who are likely eating the cost of the discount to get shoppers into their (virtual) stores, in the hopes of loading them up with accessories and extras.

Click through the slideshow abovefor some of the lowest MacBook prices we've seen this year, and also check out our original 2010 Black Friday laptop deals collection, with systems as low as $89.

Apple is also touting its own Black Friday sale, but as it does every year, the details won't be available until the sale goes live on Friday. Based on the discounts spotted at Apple's Australian website (the first timezone to cross into Friday), look for 8-to-10-percent discounts on most items, including hardware.