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More about the iTunes phone

More about the iTunes phone

The latest cell phone gossip indicates that Cingular will pick up Motorola's heralded iTunes phone. Though neither Cingular nor Motorola has confirmed the rumor, they aren't denying it either, which means it's true or they're just trying to build up even more publicity than they already have. But since I'm taking the time to write this, the latter is certainly happening. In any case, we should know for sure by September 7, when Apple will hold a press event in San Francisco. Apple hasn't said exactly what it will announce at the event, but the invitations came with the tagline "1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again."

Over the course of this year, Apple and Motorola have taken one step forward, then two steps back in making official iTunes phone announcements. A few times, an unveiling seemed imminent, but just as we got excited, we learned nothing was happening. Finally at an event in July, Motorola said we'd definitely see the iTunes phones by the end of the month. Personally, all this waiting hasn't exactly whetted my appetite. It's not as if this will be the first cell phone with MP3 ability, but then again, as long Apple is involved, it might be the best-designed model we've seen.