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More 1080p: JVC announces new LCoS HDTVs

More 1080p: JVC announces new LCoS HDTVs

JVC pioneered LCoS projection display technology, which it calls HD-ILA in rear-projection form, and its 2006 lineup includes three each of 1080p-native-resolution and 720p-resolution HDTVs. The company redesigned the optical engine in the 1080p sets to include a new dynamic auto iris that's said to dynamically respond to what's onscreen, thus improving reproduction of dark scenes--typically the most challenging for any display. The auto-iris feature worked well in the company's 2005 models, so we're anxious to see how it has improved this version. One thing that remains the same, however, is that none of the new JVC LCoS sets can accept 1080p sources via HDMI.

The 1080p lineup includes the 56-inch HD-56FN97 ($3,499 street), the 61-inch HD-61FN97 ($3,799), and the 70-inch HD-70FN97 ($5,499). These prices are a few hundred dollars less than those of the 2005 models, and all three sets will hit stores in July. The new 720p sets will be available as early as March and include the 52-inch HD-52G787 ($2,799), the 56-inch HD-56G787 ($3,199), and the HD-61G787 ($3,499).

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