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Mophie Juice Pack touches the iPod 2G

Mophie debuts its Juice pack for the iPod Touch 2G that's immediately available for $99.95.

The new Juice Pack for the iPod Touch 2G. Mophie

If you've been waiting for the Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 3G, it's still not out yet. However, you can now get Mophie's latest Juice Pack for the iPod Touch 2G that the company announced on March 19.

The new Juice Pack gives iPod Touch owners twice as much time to use their player for music, video, or surfing the Internet. According to Mophie, the pack will give the iPod Touch 2G up to an additional 42 hours of music playback and up to 7 hours of video playback.

The Juice Pack is certified by Apple to work as a battery extender and as a protective case. It sports an ergonomic design with a soft-touch, nonslip rubberized finish, and it comes fully charged and ready to go out of the box.

Similar to the original Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G, the new Juice Pack for the iPod Touch 2G has a pass-through design. This lets you simultaneously charge and sync with iTunes via a USB cable (included) without having to remove it from the Juice Pack.

The pack features advanced battery technology that intelligently instructs the iPod Touch to drain the Juice Pack first before tapping its own battery. It uses a highly condensed lithium polymer battery with built-in overcharge, short circuit, and temperature protection.

The back of the Juice Pack has four LED lights that let you know how much juice is left, and it also displays how much time remains during the charging process.

The new Juice Pack for the iPod Touch 2G is available now for $99.95.