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Mophie Juice Pack for iPod Touch packs a wallop

If you need an external battery pack for your iPod Touch, the Mophie Juice Pack may be just the thing.

Photo of Mophie Juice Pack extended battery for the Apple iPod Touch.
Double your battery life with the Mophie Juice Pack for iPod Touch. Mophie

The battery built into the Apple iPod Touch can last up to 23 hours if you're just listening to music--but who uses a Touch just for music? Watching movies, playing games, streaming radio, and browsing the Web can quickly zap your iPod's battery. Anyone who's been stuck in the middle of nowhere with a useless, dead iPod has had to learn this lesson the hard way.

If you need enough power to make it over the long haul, the Mophie Juice Pack is an external rechargeable battery that doubles the battery life of the iPod Touch. Unfortunately, it also doubles the thickness of the Touch and it doesn't come cheap. If you want to know if the Juice Pack is right for you, read our full review over on CNET Reviews.