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Moon landing, Roswell re-imagined as model kits

A series of ads for Japanese company Tamiya showcase conspiracy theories done up as awesome plastic-model kits.

Moon landing plastic kit ad
A close-up of the moon landing kit. Cirkus Animation

Japanese plastic-model-kit company Tamiya was looking to make a splash in the Vietnamese market, so it decided to drum up some excitement with a series of ads that portray famous conspiracy theories in plastic-model-kit form.

The ads depict kits for the moon landing, the Roswell UFO crash, Elvis, JFK, and Marilyn Monroe. Marketing company Ogilvy & Mather and animation company Cirkus conspired on the project.

For us techies, the moon landing is particularly compelling. It comes complete with Neil Armstrong, a director's chair, the lunar module, movie lights, and a big sack of money.

The Roswell UFO crash kit even has a partially dissected pig. I don't know why the pig is included. Maybe someone with more UFO conspiracy knowledge can fill me in.

There's one major problem with this advertising campaign. You can't actually go out and buy these kits. This sounds like a call to action for someone with a 3D printer. Perhaps Tamiya could be convinced to make these kits a reality.

I would collect all of them if I could. Then Elvis could participate in a UFO crash landing on the moon. That would be so awesome.

Tamiya UFO crash kit concept
Wouldn't it be sweet if this were real? Cirkus Animation

(Via Laughing Squid)