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Mood lighting for a kitchen scale

The Mastrad Electric Backlit Scale houses three LEDs under the weighing stage. Cue the house lights.

Shine a spotlight on food prep with the Mastrad Electric Backlit Scale.
Shine a spotlight on food prep with the Mastrad Electric Backlit Scale. Mastrad

It's not hard to come across a serving of well-lit food. After all, we eat with our eyes first, as they say. Following this line of logic it might make sense to peer a little deeper into the process. No, not the process of food styling, but food prepping instead. If all the world's a stage, all the players need to start eating the props at some point. Best to have the props well lit.

Hidden under the weighing stage of the Mastrad Electric Backlit Scale ($29.99) lurks three LEDs just waiting for the curtain to rise. How useful these little spotlights are, however, remains somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps therein lies the drama; certainly with monster lighting illuminating ingredients from underneath there is bound to be some sense of relief when the meal-making rolls to a satisfying conclusion.

Like a three-act play (or a three-paragraph post), there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Here, the pieces fit together at the discretion of the director: you. There are no spoilers with the bare-bones kitchen scale, although it does come with the expected: 11-pound capacity, tare feature, and accuracy to the nearest ounce or gram. But then again, perhaps it could be said there is one minor plot twist: the AAA batteries it requires are included.