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Moo ginormousizes its mini cards

Moo gets bigger with full-size business cards.

Moo Print

Web-savvy printing company has finally buckled from the requests of customers and is launching full-size business cards. The new offering will be available in the next few days.

Card design will still use the same Web-based editor that's been available for Moo's other products, although users will be getting more than twice the size they're used to with Moo's flagship mini cards. There's also a selection of design templates for the front side of the card that will contain all the contact information, which can now be slurped up right from LinkedIn.

For the back side of the card, users can grab up to 50 different photos from popular hosts like Flickr, Facebook, Bebo, and others and get them printed out for $21.99. However, users who sign up to be part of Moo's mailing list can get 20 percent off, bringing the price down to $17.60.

For the environmentally conscious, the new cards also come in two different stocks: the original stock used in the mini cards and a new "green" stock made from 100 percent recycled paper.

A promo video for the new cards is below.

Introducing Moo business cards (from Moo Crew on Vimeo).