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Monty Python steps out with Ministry of Silly Walks game app

The Ministry of Silly Walks wants to recruit you to stroll your way through London in laughable fashion by stepping into John Cleese's ample shoes.

Ministry of Silly Walks still
You can earn this special Union Jack suit. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Are you fleet of both feet and fingers? It's time to test your mettle by donning a virtual bowler hat and black suit and taking on the challenge of the Ministry of Silly Walks gaming app for iOS and Android. The game is based on the famous Monty Python sketch known by the same name.

Actor and Python John Cleese memorably brought the role to life with his stretching, staggering, exaggerated steps, but you don't have to be British or long-legged to have your own go at silly walking. The 99-cent game hands you the task of strolling absurdly through an obstacle course while jumping, sliding, or gliding your way forward. You collect coins along the way and can buy new suits, like suits with a Union Jack or tweed theme.

This is an official Python product, so you also get treated to the famous theme music while your character goes all wonky-legged. The goal is to improve your distance each time, but unexpected speedbumps like flying birds can wipe you out. You're then treated to Cleese telling you, "Well, that was just embarrassing."

Python fans will recognize the variations on the silly walk that have now been translated into digital form. The game itself is an enjoyable diversion. Those birds really do come flying out of nowhere, testing your reaction time. You're also pretty much guaranteed to get the infectious theme song stuck in your head long after you've set the game down. One very good feature of the Ministry of Silly Walks game: it's a lot easier on your ankles than the real thing.