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Montana for badasses? The USA according to Search Assist

If we were to believe what suggested Yahoo searches say about the United States, there'd only be 48 instead of 50, or didn't you hear that Wyoming and North Dakota aren't real?

Sorry Texas, we don't want to mess with Montana, apparently. (Click to enlarge) FlipCollective

Poor Missouri. The Show Me State is also "The Worst State," according to Yahoo Search Assist, as compiled in the above map by FlipCollective.

We've seen other such fun stabs at merging Google's autocomplete with digital cartography, but the results gathered from FlipCollective's methodology are the most entertaining and nonsensical yet. For example, while I have no idea why Yahoo thinks my home state of New Mexico is best described as "stretching," it does explain why I've been feeling so limber lately.

The results were compiled by typing "(blank state) is..." into Yahoo and then picking the first suggestion from Search Assist that could complete the sentence in some (barely) logical way.

The lovely states of Connecticut, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Nebraska get saddled with the "boring" label, while expectations are apparently higher for "faster" Oregon, "crazy" Florida, and Montana, heretofore to be know as the state "for badasses."

There are also plenty of rather rude characterizations of states, but perhaps none as offensive as the notions that North Dakota is "a myth" and Wyoming is also "not real."

It would probably be good for "on fire" Texas to get together with Indiana, which is apparently "swimming," lest the Lone Star state wind up like Massachusetts, which Search Assist inexplicably describes as "a coffin."

Finally, what does all this mean for Tennessee? Well, as Yahoo says, it's "nice, but it ain't Texas."

I guess we're all better of just moving to tiny and "awesome" Delaware.