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Monster refreshes in-car iPod accessories

Monster unveils its line of 2009 in-car iPod and iPhone accessories.

Monster's iCarPlay Wireless 800

I bet companies like Monster are breathing a sigh of relief now that rumors of an integrated iPhone 3GS FM transmitter have been proven false. Otherwise, there's simply no way monster could have justified its newly announced $99 iCarPlay Wireless 1000 in-car FM transmitter and iPod/iPhone charger.

Truth is, I still don't know how you justify a $99 FM transmitter, or even a $79 FM transmitter like the also-announced Monster iCarPlay Wireless 800 (pictured). FCC regulations have pretty much capped the power of these things for the past few years, making it hard to argue that the devices are any more effective than last year's models. To Monster's credit, the refreshed gear looks twice as slick as last year's line-up, and this time around they're officially iPhone 3G certified.

Still, to anyone willing to drop $100 on an FM transmitter: do yourself a favor and please just upgrade your car's stereo. Also, remember, all you iPhone and iPod Touch users can use stereo Bluetooth now (hint-hint).

All ranting aside, Monster unveiled a few other in-car audio accessories today, including the iCarCharger 1000 iPod/iPhone power adapter ($49), the $19 iCarPlay Cassette 800 (yes, they still make these), along with a grab bag of $15-$30 aux cables (iSplitters, iCables--you get the idea).