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Monster portraits so tasty you could eat them

To celebrate Halloween, Detroit Free Press writer Eric Millikin is making incredibly detailed portraits of monsters out of, what else? Something very sweet.

While Eric Millikin made Audrey II out of candy, Audrey is certainly not as sweet in "Little Shop of Horrors." Eric Millikin/Detroit Free Press

October is right around the corner, and retailers are filling store shelves with endless bags of bite-size candies. Detroit Free Press writer Eric Millikin has purchased several such bags, and is using them to create awesome portraits of Free Press readers' favorite monsters.

So far, Millikin has made portraits of American horror actor Vincent Price; the man-eating alien Venus fly trap Audrey II from "Little Shop of Horrors;" and Gill-man, better known as the infamous creature from the black lagoon. Each portrait contains hundreds of mini candy bars commonly found in Halloween stashes, as well as fun-size bags of M&Ms, Whoppers and the like, all placed ever so carefully to complete the portrait.

We recommend clicking over to the Free Press website to view the images, as you can use your mouse to hover over each one to get a close-up view of the types of candies involved. And, if you look closely enough, Millikin has included his pet spider "Lemmy" in each portrait. I'd say that unlike everything else in these images, Lemmy isn't edible, but I'm sure someone will point out that some people eat spiders. Please, don't eat Lemmy.

Over the next few weeks leading up to Halloween, Millikin will release several more reader-selected monster candy profiles on the Free Press website. This is the second annual monster candy-portrait-thon Millikin has undertaken. You can see his awesome 2013 profiles here.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon looks much less scary in candy form. Eric Millikin/Detroit Free Press