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Monster lobster caught in Hurricane Nicole's wake

A 14-pound whopper of a lobster accidentally ends up on a boat during a fishing expedition.

Charter boat company Sanctuary Marine Bermuda lead a snapper-fishing expedition over the weekend in waters recently churned up by Hurricane Nicole. The crew got a surprise when a hook pulled up a massive 14-pound (6-kilogram) male spiny lobster.

Sanctuary Marine posted photos and a video of the giant crustacean to its Facebook page over the weekend and on Monday, writing "Hurricane Nicole blew in some sea monsters."

The video has a delightful "X-Files" quality to it with a flashlight illuminating the creature in the dark. The lobster doesn't look too thrilled with its predicament, flipping its tail and moving its legs while getting weighed. The lobster got an all-expenses-paid trip to land to have the hook and fishing line removed from its leg.

If you're only familiar with the type of lobster that typically ends up on a dinner plate, then the spiny lobster is a visual oddity. It doesn't have the large front pinching claws of its better-known distant relative.

Sanctuary Marine released the beast back into the ocean waters. "I think most people will see that as an act of kindness!" the company writes on its Facebook page. No doubt the lobster will agree.