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Monster finally ships its wireless iPod bridge

The "iSoniCast" is a dock that turns the player into a remote control for the stereo.

Monster Cable

It's taken awhile, but Monster's "iSoniCast Wireless Audio Bridge" is finally shipping. The device serves as a dock that connects the iPod to a home stereo but also turns the media player into a remote control with a snap-on dongle. It first appeared on Crave after our esteemed colleague John Falcone wrote about it last summer, apparently even before it had been christened as the "iSoniCast" or had any pricing. (It will sell for $99.95, according to the Monster's press release.) Though it looks slightly different from the photos released last year, we're happy that it hasn't lost the sleek minimalist design. Speaking of which, we're beginning to think there's some kind of monolithic trend going on as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick.